Climate-Controlled Storage Units

In Greenville, SC

Determine If Climate-control Is Right for You

It’s no surprise that Greenville gets hot and humid, so if you’re storing valuables or anything sensitive to humidity or temperature, climate-controlled storage units are a must-have.  We store some of our precious belongings for a number of reasons.  When we do, we need to consider what will happen if rain, snow, flooding, or temperature fluctuations will do to our prized possessions.

Air quality is also usually better in modern climate-controlled units because the air is circulated continuously.  This reduces the need to “air out” your storage unit. The length of time you plan upon storing your items will be a factor as climate-control is more important when you store longer.


Climate-controlled storage units typically keep the temperatures in a range from 55 degrees F (winter) to 85 degrees F (summer) as well as they help immensely with humidity.  Of course, you should feel free to ask one of our storage experts about the specific settings. Keep in mind that most climate-controlled units are part of the entire climate-controlled system and not individually controlled.

Advantages to Climate-Controlled Storage

Less dirt and dust tend to be in climate-controlled units as they are inside the storage facility. Inside units keep their temperature and humidity control better than outside units would.  Weather is less likely to affect interior units also.

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